Did you know LIFEbar offers cleanses? Juice cleansing is a great way to give your digestive system a rest while pumping your body full with live vital vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. It also boosts the immune system and can help with a myriad of symptoms: allergies, toxicity, fertility issues, skin issues, digestive issues, depression, sluggishness, weight gain, insomnia, high blood pressure, memory loss, and thyroid function just to name a few. To ease your transition from a food-based diet to a juice cleanse we recommend first-time participants begin by eating a light diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, then progressing to Level 1 of our cleanse plan. Sign up today with a LIFEbar drink master!

Level 1: Smoothie Cleanse

Used as a transition from solid meals into liquid cleansing this plan provides 5 of LIFEbar’s superfood smoothies and 1 organic house-made organic almond milk for each day of the cleanse. Because of the superfood smoothie’s thicker consistency and sweeter taste, this introductory level is recommended for those that are new to liquid cleansing. You can choose your own smoothies or follow LIFEbar’s recommended plan.
$50 per day.
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Level 2: Half & Half

The second level of our liquid cleanses combines both superfood smoothies and organic vegetable juices. 3 of LIFEbar’s smoothies are provided in addition to 3 all-organic vegetable juices. This in intermediate level of cleansing will ease a person into familiarity with a juice cleanse while still providing a thick consistency and sweeter taste in half of the drinks. You can choose your own drinks or follow LIFEbar’s recommended plan.
$60 per day.
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Level 3: Juice Cleanse

The third level of LIFEbar’s liquid cleanses is the most beneficial as it is an all-juice cleanse. This cleanse will allow the body to release old toxins built up in the system and help cleanse the blood. This plan provides the participant with 5 organic juice blends and 1 organic house-made almond milk. You can choose your own juices or follow LIFEbar’s recommended plan.
$65 per day.
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Note: Juice and smoothie cleanses available on daily programs. Please specify how many days you would like to order. If you are taking any medications consult a medical professional before doing a cleanse. LIFEbar does not make any claims. We require a 24 hour notice, and you can order through our app.