LIFEbar started from a need I saw in our community in Louisville. There was no place for a busy entrepreneur to go to have a quick on the go healthy meal. The Aurbach family who own Rainbow Blossom had a perfect space available and they were willing to help growing an idea. We formed a win win relationship from the use of there produce buying powers and added to Rainbow Blossoms appeal. This is when I had the idea to start LIFEbar, from seeing the health benefits personally from changing my diet to a mainly plant based one I saw allergies, skin flare ups and asthma disappear. LIFEbar is a starting point for health our team loves to educate and instruct on our products. Organic is important to us in our produce, we want to see low calorie intake with high dense nutrition content. LIFEbar was founded in 2010 by Chase Barmore and has now grown to 2 locations in Louisville KY.